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When The Men Were Gone

Author Marjorie Herrera Lewis' debut novel is a beautiful story of Tylene Wilson, a Texas high school football coach in 1944.

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Author Marjorie Herrera Lewis talks about her debut novel and central character Tylene Wilson!

When The Men Were Gone


What They Are Saying

“A beautiful story that stays in your heart long after you finish reading When The Men Were Gone. A delightful true story, well written and touching.  Looking forward to reading many more books by Lewis.”

- Jodi Thomas, New York Times bestselling author of Mornings on Main. 

"A wonderfully touching and beautiful story…Tylene makes me laugh, cry, and cheer for her in ways I have not done in a long time.”

—Diane Les Becquets, bestselling author of Breaking Wild  

"Whether you're a reader who loves sports, historical fiction, or simply compelling storytelling, When The Men Were Gone will please you with every page. Marjorie Herrera Lewis tells the fictionalized tale of a World War II female football coach in a small Texas town with tremendous insight into human nature and a rare combination of realism and underlying sweetness. In the process, she proves herself to be an exceptional author."

--Jeff Guinn, author of The Road to Jonestown


"Lewis’ prose is so beautiful, her characters so finely drawn, that you are instantly transported back to 1944, Tylene’s kitchen and the Brownwood High football field. Her expertise as a reporter and skill as a sportswriter shine through and makes this story absolutely irresistible. I tore through it in one sitting!"

--Melissa Isaacson, author of Transition Game: An Inside Look at Life with the Chicago Bulls


Behind The Title

Telling Tylene's story was result of the author's own experiences.  Marjorie Herrera Lewis feels she could not have told Tylene's story had she not known what it was like covering college and professional football during a time that a woman in a sports department was extremely rare.  So, when Marjorie discovered Tylene's story, she instantly fell in love with it.  

"I wish every day that I'd had the chance to meet her, but I loved this journey of discovering her life story," says Herrera Lewis.  She was an incredible woman."


Living The Role

After researching and writing her debut novel, When the Men Were Gone, Marjorie Herrera Lewis became inspired by her heroine Tylene Wilson's journey, and she developed a burning desire to coach football herself.  She was added to the Texas Wesleyan University football coaching staff for the 2017 season.  Marjorie worked with defensive backs on the field and was an extra set of coaching eyes in the press box on game days.

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